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Cookies Policy for website

For proper operation of the website, we use cookies. Learn what cookies are, which cookies we use and how to delete or disable their use.

What Cookies are

Cookies are small files with information that a web site (specifically a web server) stores on a user's computer, mobile or other electronic device so that whenever the user visits the web page, the web page retrieves that information and offers the user relevant services. In general, cookies perform many functions and are divided into different categories depending on the purpose they serve and the way they work. There are cookies that are necessary for running a site (without them being technically feasible to provide services from the site), as well as cookies that make it easy to browse from one website to another, store your preferences and generally improve the experience of your web browsing. A typical example of such information is the user's preferences on a website, as these are indicated by the user's choices on that website (eg selecting specific "buttons", searches, advertisements, etc.).

The purpose of cookies is security, more effective display of information, better service and easier browsing. In addition, cookies help us analyze how you use our website and if you face trouble during browsing. Cookies do not collect personal information nor identify users.

Cookies can be Temporary (Session cookies) or Permanent (Persistent cookies):

Temporary (Session) cookies remain on your device until you leave our website. These cookies help, for example, in browsing with safety our site.

Permanent (Persistent) cookies remain on your device for a longer time or until you delete them. Their duration in your device depends on the cookie's duration and your browser settings.

More information about cookies can be found on the website

Cookies Attica Bank uses on website:

We only use the strictly necessary cookies, which are essential for the proper operation of our website. Without them, it is technically not possible to provide services on behalf of that site. The absolutely necessary cookies can not be activated / deactivated individually and do not store information that can lead to user identification.

The strictly necessary cookies that Attica Bank uses are the following:

Cookie name: BIGipServerPROD_Omnia_Pool
Type: Temporary
Content: 68483594.20480.0000
This cookie is temporarily installed for as long as you are logged in and using the site to perform your transactions.

Cookie name: XSRF-TOKEN
Type: Temporary
This cookie is temporarily installed for as long as you are logged in and using the site to perform your transactions.

Some of our web sites or secondary sites may use extra or different cookies from the above. In this case, you will find details of cookies on the relevant information page. You may be asked to agree to the storage of these cookies.

How to delete cookies

If you want to delete or disable cookies, please select the browser you are using and follow the instructions:

If you are using another browser, consult the manufacturer's instructions.

Update - Change of Current Policy

We reserve the right to make any changes and corrections to this Policy in order to comply with the legal requirements and how the website works. Please refer to this page at regular intervals to keep up to date with the latest version of the Policy to check the current and any new additional information.

The latest version of this Policy cookies issued on 20/05/2019.