One Time Passwords

Transactions in a secure environment

Additional Strong Customer Authentication Mechanism

As part of the continuous upgrade in the security level that Attica e-banking & Attica Mobile digital services provide, from September 5th, 2023 we activate the application of an additional transaction confirmation mechanism.

Every time you carry out any of the following transactions, you will need to authorise your transaction via an additional One Time Password (OTP) sent to the email address you have registered with the bank.

Transactions that require the additional One Time Password (OTP):

  • Money Transfer to Third Parties Inside and Outside the Bank
  • Change of Customer Code (Username) and Secret Code (Password)
  • Mobile Phone or Tablet Device Registration and Modification
  • Daily Limits Modification for Transfers & Payments
  • Personal Details or Mobile Number Update using eGov-KYC

We remind you that the bank will not ask you under any circumstances and in any way (by phone, email, Viber, SMS), to reveal your personal codes and any confidential information such as Password, card PIN, One Time Password (OTP).