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Transactions Security

Attica Bank offers you a highly shielded environment for your transactions, through Attica Bank's digital channels with the utmost electronic security, as described below:

  •    Prevent Unauthorized action
    Attica Bank's specialized electronic security systems control and record any access in order to prevent unauthorized actions on its systems.
  •   High Level Encryption (2048 bits)
    Data exchanged on each transaction is done with high-level encryption. The encryption system has been certified by an internationally acclaimed security company which specializes in digital transactions’ security. (You can confirm the validity of the Attica e-banking and security certificate page by tapping the padlock icon in your browser's address bar).
  •   Safe Login
    Access to Attica e-banking and Attica Mobile environment is not possible after a series of continuous unsuccessful attempts to enter your Credentials
  •   Strong Credentials
    Attica Bank kindly requests you to change your Credentials at regular intervals, as well as in cases where our systems detect a different or suspicious transaction behavior. In addition, the bank also requires your Credentials to be complex in order to enhance security due to eavesdropping.
  •   One Time Password
    One-Time-Passwords (OTPs) have a short life (2 minutes) and can be used only for one single transaction.
  •  Additional Strong Customer Authentication Mechanism

    Every time you carry out any of the following transactions, you will need to authorise your transaction via an additional One Time Password (OTP) sent to the email address you have registered with the bank.

    • Money Transfer to Third Parties Inside and Outside the Bank

    • Change of Customer Code (Username) and Secret Code (Password)

    • Mobile Phone or Tablet Device Registration and Modification

    • Daily Limits Modification for Transfers & Payments

    • Personal Details or Mobile Number Update using eGov-KYC

  •   Intelligent OTP
    Transactions cannot be proceeded after a series of continuous unsuccessful attempts to enter the One-Time-Password (OTP).
  •   Auto Log Out
    You are automatically logged out from the system after a certain time when you have not proceeded any action or transaction.
  •   Transaction Limits
    You can customize/modify your maximum daily limits and your maximum limits per transaction.
  •   Notifications
    Attica Bank instantly notifies you at no charge via e-mail or SMS, for changes with respect to your Attica e-banking & Attica Mobile Credentials. Attica Bank can also notify you, if you wish so, about the monetary transactions you proceed through Attica e-banking or Attica Mobile.

 Useful Advice

  • Update your software with the latest versions of the operating system and the browser of use for Attica e-banking.
  • Protect your computer and mobile devices, by installing protection software (Firewall, Antivirus and Antispyware)
  • Have real-time control turned on to your antivirus software and set to be updated automatically with it’s latest version.
  • Delete immediately any misleading e-mail messages (phishing emails) or/and SMS that urge you to give your personal information or visit websites or open attachments that have been supposedly send by Attica Bank.
  • Attica Bank will never ask you in any way to reveal your passwords or your personal information (Username, Password, Account Number, Card Number, ID number etc), by phone, by e-mail or SMS.
  • Do not store or save notes containing your passwords and do not grand them to anyone.
  • Do not install and use Attica Mobile in devices that other persons have access ( Through PIN or FingerPrint Sensor )
  • Use Attica e-banking only through the official websites of Attica Bank ( or and not through links from other websites, search engines or emails.
  • Use ONLY the official applications of Attica Mobile which you can download from Google Play and Apple App Store.